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1st Mediterranean Sambo Championships

Posted by Anthony Sansonetti on December 28, 2019 at 2:50 PM Comments comments ()

Poussan, France, May 2018

       I competed this past weekend in Poussan, France, at the 1st Mediterranean Sambo Championships. I won 5 matches to win the 90 KG category. I did very well, winning 3 matches by submission; armbar, knee crush, and achilles lock, and the other 2 by points, 8-0 and 7-0. I am very happy with my performance, but even happier and amazed by how nice I was treated by everyone in Poussan! Someone had joked that I may have been the 1st american to visit Poussan lol.

      One thing that stood out from any competition I have been to is that the competition was over at 5pm, and I was told there would be food served after. I assumed this meant something simple. I saw some cheetos and nuts and sangria, and thought that is nice of them, but then out of nowhere appeared trays of fresh oysters, pots of mussels and white wine and more sangria. Wow! That was incredible because I love seafood and this was amongst the best I have had. But this was only the begininng, part of the gym was now set up with tables and now more food, pasta, sausage, red wine, the best cheese, desserts, and rum. This went on to after 11pm! I am amazed by this type of party after a competition. This was to be followed by more drinks at Guillaume's home. He has traveled and competed the world over, and seemed to have a bottle of alcohol from each country and we tried them all :)


   Special thanks to Guillaume Alberti for organizing the tournament, letting me train at his club, and for having me stay as a guest in his home. Guillaume and Laure Fournier went out of their way to make me feel at home and to experience the true culture of the south of France! They are great sambists, friends, and exceptional hosts. Merci!


    It was also nice to meet and spend time with Laure Fournier, Maria Guedez, Matt, Sebastion, max, and everyone from Montpellier Sambo club.


      For this tournament I asked my long time friend, sambo brother, and coach Stephen Koepfer if I could honor our friendship and represent his club New York Combat Sambo. I have trained there so many times over the past 15 years and he is the one who introduced me to Sambo. I liked the added pressure of representing his club and it motivated me to perform at my best.


      Otherwise thanks to everyone that put on a sambo jacket and helped me train, especially Jeremy Piaser, Paul Tramontana, Chris Mesonero, Kyle Nigro, the guys at NYCS and everyone else.


I had a great time, a truly great adventure, I feel 15 years younger and couldn't be happier.


I'm bringing home the trophy for my son Peter as I promised him I would!

2017 in review

Posted by Anthony Sansonetti on June 19, 2018 at 1:35 PM Comments comments ()


Grand Cayman Seminar

In January 2017 I visited The Cayman Islands for my 3rd seminar, this time at 1 More Round Martial Arts. I always like the vibe of training and teaching in the islands, and grand Cayman is starting to feel like a 2nd home! It was good to see and train with my old friend Flloyd Moxam and the rest of the other guys. Flloys is a good coach that cares about his students training and progress and is developing a nice team. This trip was more of a holiday than an intense training vacation (if that exists). I don't have any pics from the seminar, which is a shame because 1 More Round is a beautiful facility and a huge upgrade from the previous location of Cayman Fight Factory. It was nice to see my friends Jesse Livingston and Tristan W., who are now running a different gym. All great people and I had a great time teaching, training, sailing, swimming with the rays, turtle farm, crystal caves and exploring just about everything on the island!


Welcome Wantagh Martial Arts to our Dojo! (see my previous post about our merger)


2017 USA Sambo nationals

  Congrats to Jeremy Piaser for winning Bronze at the USA Sambo Nationals! I really have to get Jerem'y Bio and medal list up here, he's won or medaled in just about every tournament that he has competed in. He's a great instructor at our gym and fierce competitor.


Shuai Jiao

  I have competed just about every year since 2005 except 2006 and 2012. My mother had some illness in 2017 that required me to look after her, and that kept me pretty busy, along with a family and a Dojo to manage. I still had the urge to compete in something so I signed up for the USA Shuai Jiao Championships. Shuai Jiao is a Chinese martial Arts which basically involves trying to throw your opponent to the ground to score points, with no grappling on the ground allowed. i decided that because the tournament was to be held 20 minutes away in Queens, that I would go and give it a try. Unfortunately, I went to the tournament to find out that nobody else had signed up for my weight class. The rest of 2016 kept me very busy, and I did not get a chance to compete this year.


Peter's 5th Birthday!

   My son peter turned 5 years old on October 9th! We had his Birthday at the Dojo and invited all of our young students. My son loves Batman, hates The Joker, and at 5, still believes that they are real! I had my friend Eric Fuchs, who is an aspiring stuntman and current Karate instructor, dress up as Batman and formulate a choreographed fight sequence. Instructors Shannon and David dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn. We had them try to steal the presents at the party and then batman showed up to save the day! It was awesome and I will post a link to the video. It was so much fun and the acting and fighting were very well done! Thanks Erc, Shannon, and David for making my son's party great!


R.I.P. Robert Follis

  Rest in peace coach Robert Follis. I was sad and shocked to find out my friend Robert Follis passed away in December 2017. Robert was an amazing coach and person who had a gift to connect with and inspire others. I only had a chance to train with him for a few weeks back in 2003 and 2004, but the lesson I learned from him on coaching, training, and life, have continued to serve me and my students well. Not only did he change my approach to training, but he inspired me to question what I believed I was capable of, and to push through new limits. Like so many others, my life is better from having known and trained with him. Thank you and rest in peace my friend.

February 2017

Posted by Anthony Sansonetti on June 7, 2018 at 1:40 PM Comments comments ()

Welcome Wantagh Martial Arts!

             In February 2017, Wantagh Martial Arts merged into Tiger Martial Art!. We are happy to welcome Wantagh instructors Craig Sherman and Jeremy Piaser, as well as all of their students, to our dojo in Levittown. I have known both Jeremy and Craig for over 20 years. Craig and I used to teach and train together at the old Westbury Dojo back  in the early 90's. Jeremy was our junior student back then, and he later became an assistant instructor, Black belt, instructor, and then went on to compete under me in Sambo, grappling, MMA etc... Jeremy was also an instructor at Tiger Martial Arts before opening Wantagh Martial Arts with sensei Craig. We are very pleased with having their students train with our current Tiger martial Arts students, because we are martial arts family, our curriculum is very similar, and the students have adapted nicely to each other. Having Wantagh Martial Arts merge with us has allowed us to expand our mat space to about 2800 sq ft of mats, with 4 sparring rings!

2016 in review!

Posted by Anthony Sansonetti on January 26, 2018 at 1:20 PM Comments comments ()

   I have not been keeping up on blogging for quite some time. Almost 2 years have seemed to fly right by, but recently I have had the urge to come here and catch up on all the things that have been going on with the Dojo, Team Renegade, and life in general. So let's go back to early 2016 and take it from there...

2016... A year of injury, training, and reflection

    The previous Blog entry was from February of 2016 and I had set some pretty high competition goals for myself. Almost immediately after that Blog entry I was injured pretty badly in the shoulder. I had pain almost daily and was unable to perform even a few basic pushups. This severly limited my training and I began to feel less desire to compete. Certain techniques I favored could not be done with the limited strength and mobility I was experiencing in my shoulder. Aside from that, I didn't have the "fire" to go out and compete, I felt a little burnt out from the previous 2 years of competition. During this time I was still teaching and training 6 to 7 days a week, I just needed a break from the rigors of competition and the hard training required to compete with elite athletes.

    I titled this entry 'Injury, training, and reflection' before I really knew what words to put down. We went through the injury and the desire to take time off from competiing, and i mentioned I had been teaching and training regularly as usual. So why the reflection? I guess I don't really seem to remember 2016 all that much lol, I had to just quickly look at my 2016 facebook status and look through my passport to see if I had done anything or gone anywhere interesting! Yes I did plenty, but the most enjoyable time of 2016 was being a dad to my 3 year old son Peter.  Going out to movies and lunch and just having a good time.

   I started Peter training at my dojo when he was 3 and a half. I would just bring him in to class for small amount of times to get a feel for some techniques and the atmosphere of training. By September of 2016, a month before his 4th birthday, he was training 2 to 3 times a week and doing full classes. I decided to have Peter's 4th Birthday at the dojo, I invited all my junior students and about 60 kids came. It was a really fun day!

  I should mention 2016 was another successful year for team Renegade, we won medals at Sambo Nationals, USA  Combat Wrestling Championships,, and at a few other Submission Grappling events.

  Otherwise, during 2016 I had considered moving out of New York, I had a desire for a warmer climate and a different pace of life. I have since changed my mind due to many factors, some I will discuss when I recap 2017. Catching up slowly buy surely....

2016 Goals

Posted by Anthony Sansonetti on February 9, 2016 at 10:30 AM Comments comments ()

Some Goals for 2016


New Year's Eve has always been my favorite day of the year. It is the day I reflect back on the year and decide what i want to do in the coming year. I have always enjoyed writing out and setting goals. It has been just about proven that writing goals, handwritten with a pen and paper, is many times more poweful than just saying them. I am a person that always has "to do" lists written everywhere, goals, missions, plans, and a million other things! I certainly don't achieve everything I set out to, and plans tend to change along the way, and because of this I think it's important to stay fluid with the different paths and options, rather than have concrete plans. Life throws curveballs at you that sometimes you just don't see coming. Adapt and adjust accordingly. my goals are divided into several categories. I have personal, financial, travel, Renegade association, Dojo (my gym) and competition goals. My Personal and Financial goals aren't really the subject of this Blog, although they overlap the other areas. Assuming I stay happy and healthy, and that I can manage to save a few dollars, I should be able to make a good attempt of acheiving my other goals.



Competition and Travel


If you have been reading my Blog it should be very apparent that I love to compete and I love to travel. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new peoples and cultures tremendously. Training for, and competing in competition makes me feel truly 'alive'. It is hard to explain if you haven't competed in Combat Sports. Maybe it's like a "Quest", you train for months, you travel to some far away land, and then you do 1 on 1 battle with another warrior that has trained for months and months. You win and you celebrate! You lose and maybe you learn something!


I plan on competing in the USA Team Trials for the Combat Wrestling World Championships. The Trials are in April down in Lowell, Arkansas. The winners of each weight division will get the chance to represent the United States at the World Championships this October in Tamasi, Hungary. If I win in April I will also compete at the Combat Wrestling Pan Ams this June in Montreal. I am fully commited to making the US team and going to Hungary. I really enjoyed visiting Bulgaria last year and competing there, and I was able to spend a few days in Istanbul at the end of that trip. This year, if I make the team and go to Hungary, after competition I plan to visit Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. It will be 3 new cities and 3 new countries.


   If I don't make the US team in April, I will switch my training to include more Sambo and compete at the Sambo Masters World Championship scheduled for Porec, Croatia this October. I have been asked to represent the US team in previous years at the Sambo World Championships, but something always comes up. I have already been to Croatia before, when I was 12 years old. It was all just Yugoslavia back then. If I was to compete in Croatia I would also plan travel in that region. Porec is actually not far from Venice, and I have never been to Northern Italy. Perhaps Venice, Florence, Rome? Or Venice, Milan, Switzerland?

  In a perfect world....I will compete at the Combat Wrestling World Championships in Hungary, stay in Europe, and a week later compete at the Sambo World Championships in Croatia. This would be very difficult to do on so many levels....but the thought ignites fire in me...to compete in 2 world championships in 2 different sports, just one week apart. This is my ultimate competition goal for 2016.


Set high goals and have big expectations!


I try to set my goals pretty high but so they are also attainable. Aim for the stars.... and you just might hit the moon! It's important to set high goals and eliminate distractions and people that tell you that you CAN'T do something. If you don't believe that you can achieve something, then, you probably won't. Limiting your beliefs, limits your potential.